Yesterday 15 April, 2014, at the University of Port Harcourt,  I was privileged to serve as QUIZ MASTER in a contest for secondary school students. The quiz was based on Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God, as part of the novel’s 50th anniversary.

Remarkably,  one of the participating schools, a private school,  had made a conscious decision to pick her representatives from among her science students. This was to broaden the perspectives of the students according to their teacher.

Equally remarkably, the science students gave their arts counterparts a run for their money  –  and for the overall prize slated for presentation in about a month’s time as part of activities of the Port Harcourt World Book capital 2014. There was little doubt that we are already seeing future Chinua Achebe’s, Cyprian Ekwensis, Elechi Amadis, Wale Okedirans, James Ene Henshaws, Eghosa Imasuens  –   people who read [or started off in] the sciences but made or or are making their marks in the field of literature.

Keep on reading, and writing kids. To echo Karl Marx, you have nothing to lose but your chains [preconceived notions of who a writer is]; you have a world to win!

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