All the King’s Men Inc. &         ∰Parrot’s Egg Historicals

V A C A N C Y:

Resignation Letter Instructor



Our client is a key player in the international marketplace with significant presence in ECOWAS, AU, UN, ECOMOG, etc,   and are the sole consultants to the Lake Chad Basin Initiative.  They are leaders and patent holders in the BLHS*  and AHIS** sectors worldwide.

As a result of expansion and successful pioneering efforts in  POIS (public opinion ignoring systems) and CCRS (corruption cornucopia reparameterization systems),  and following implementation of DAP (decayed advisory platforms),  our client now requires the services of a Resignation Letter Instructor.

Location: The Rock and 36 mini Rocks.

Qualification: Apart from the usual fortifications from Ivy leagues, the successful candidate must have strong persuasive skills. Ability to serve under multiple bosses will be an added advantage.

Mode of application: Qualified applicants should send in their applications with 36 sets of photocopies of their credentials to:

The Consultant ,

PMB 12345,


on or before ……( (Mai karanta ya saa, akanshi, lokancin da yake so. /Onye na-agu ihea jiri aka ya tinye ubochi o choro/E jowo, eni t’on ka…. Pls insert your date of choice and ignore the grammar)

Key :    1. *BLHS:      Blind Leading the Half-Seeing

  1.  **AHIS:   Acquired Hearing Impairment Syndrome


Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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