Apostrophe 4

  1. bluebellAPOSTROPHE  4

    Exotic plumage adorns the peacock

    I will not trade places with the peacock

    The albumen and yolk inhabit the eggshell

    are they not all sport for the chef?

    None faces a fiercer besiegement than thief of the honeycomb

    I will not dwell in the honeycomb,

    I  will not be lured by the marvel of their hexagons

    Many have turned Mediterranean waters to waves of want-outs

    Anywhere-but-home in search of home

    I will not seek their magic kingdoms

    A singer, not the bird, once toasted the back seat of his Cadillac

    heaven, he called it

    not mine!

    Even the pilot knows

    that the vaunted gadgetry of ‘Airforce One’ provides little comfort in political storms

    To-date, Plato-bashed poets still seek a homeland

    As I did:

    I have dwelt in homes highbrow and lowbrow

    I’ve dwelt in the cosiest universe in the heavenlies:

    Mama’s amniotic sac

    Yet nothing compares to my now-abode

    A cute apostrophe,

    The easy-to-miss space between God and his lovingkindness

    As another  year emerges with yet kinder omens .


    12 July 2019

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