Now in HARD Cover Amazon

Imminent River now on Amazon.   }

The Sea Route to Señorita’s Heart  } Now all Amazons!

One Day with the Hounds.              }


People easily forget that originally the word, ‘Amazon’ meant  ‘warrior’ whether among the ancient Greeks or ancient Dahomey-ans in West Africa, and in fact, it still does (forget the warriors’ gender for now). For months I debated the pros and cons of selling my books on today’s Amazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Preston Bezos, né Jorgensen, who got the idea while on a cross-country train ride. There were stories – some of which turned out to be old wives’ tales – of insufferable complexity in  the process, of presenting oneself on a platter to   book pirates, and of one not being able to receives his/her sales proceeds, etc. So I’d cooled to the idea, after all, the hard covers in local bookshops aren’t exactly doing too badly. But now, following several how-do-we-get-Imminent River? and  are-your-books-on-amazon? enquiries, I’ve decided to test the waters. Last week, the soft copy of Imminent River appeared on the online sales platform, with sales to boot.  And now, in hard copy or in soft, we are marching with the Amazons (Jeff’s, that is).

ORDER AND RECEIVE YOUR COPIES from anywhere on God’s favourite planet, earth. Sorry, we’re not on Mars yet, nor anywhere near SpaceX’s Falcon 9 space rendezvous, but with  Bezos, the world’s first centi-billionaire according to Forbes, you never can tell tomorrow.

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