I may not have received millions, but I have received surprises.

Every now and then a small ‘evidence of sales’ drops in. Who from? NARRATIVE LANDSCAPE, publishers of IMMINENT RIVER. So refreshing to know that in a country of Hush!!!puppis and HAbba! Gana’s we have some level headed folks who believe in doing business the right way (If I say ‘the good old way’ I may be misunderstood because these guys are – beyond cutting edge).

Thank you, folks. And ‘may your ships sail the course of wider waters, [apologies Ifeanyi Menkiti?] .

Pray, what do people see in IMMINENT RIVER that keeps them buying? Mind you, I am not complaining!


May be an image of book and text that says 'MINENT RIVER NOVT HUOMA ANAELE PRIMA: Narrative Landscape Press Longlist NLNG Nigeria Prize for iterature 2021 SOLD HERE Tel.'

65Albert Otto, Uzor Maxim Uzoatu and 63 others


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